Emmanuel Carlos St. Omer traverses the realm of creative expression with profound expertise, evolving from a seasoned professional radio jingle composer into a dynamic singer-songwriter and instrumental producer. His artistic journey finds its core in the intricate fusion of poignant lyrics with enthralling melodies across a spectrum of genres.

In the wake of an emotionally tumultuous event in 2018 - the tragic loss of his 18-year-old son Brandon in a car accident - Emmanuel channeled his profound emotions and boundless inspiration into his songwriting. Since then, he has heralded a prolific career, releasing an impressive array of 10 solo albums that span the sonic landscape.

Emmanuel's creative footprint is further embellished by the inclusion of his compositions in 26 compilation albums, all of which are impeccably showcased on prominent global streaming and sales platforms.

Emmanuel's exceptional talent has been duly recognized on a global stage. He has achieved commendable placements in prestigious international songwriting competitions, leaving an indelible mark in the Commonwealth Song Contest, where he remarkably reached the finals twice.

The resonant impact of Emmanuel's music reverberates beyond the studio. His Brit-Reggae/Pop opus "Blame Me" attained the illustrious distinction of being crowned Song of the Week on Belta Radio - UK, underscoring his global appeal. In the realm of Christian music, his soul-stirring composition "Covered" triumphed as the 1st place winner in the esteemed Great American Song Contest.

Notably, Emmanuel's magnum opus "Radical Son – Back to Roots" has been seamlessly integrated into the Mood:Media database, granting it radio airplay access across 41 countries and a staggering 580K commercial establishments. The resounding impact of this album has garnered effusive praise from distinguished publications including Earmilk, TJPL News, and Illustrate, which have graciously featured reviews and illuminating interviews.

Emmanuel was nominated for 5 Awards in the first ever OGIMA (Orpheus Global International Music Awards) held in London on 25th. November 2023. He won the award for Songwriter of The year.

Emmanuel has signed as an artist with Finland's indie label, Badenstock Records. In June 2024, he released "Barefoot in Paradise," the lead single from his upcoming Reggae album, "Radical Son Back to Roots Vol.2," under the Badenstock Records banner.

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