Emmanuel Carlos St. Omer, a versatile creative force, transitioned from a seasoned radio jingle composer to a dynamic singer-songwriter and producer, specializing in Christian music.

Fueled by the emotional impact of the tragic loss of his son Brandon in 2018, he channeled profound emotions into acclaimed compositions. His masterpiece, "Covered," secured 1st place in the Great American Song Contest, while albums like "Stronger Than a Storm" and "Testimony" showcase his prowess.

Nominated for 5 OGIMA Awards in the UK, he clinched the Songwriter of the Year title in November 2023, embodying a commitment to musical excellence and the ability to convey the depth of human experience through transcendent melodies.

  • 1.Covered3:49
  • 2.Dark Side Of The Moon3:26
  • 3.Generous4:15
  • 4.I Wrote This Song For You4:30
  • 5.Iron Sharpens Iron2:52
  • 6.Testimony3:38
  • 7.The Lord's Prayer4:28
E. Carlos St. Omer
Singer | Songwriter | Producer
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